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Borasol-PC Plus


BoraSol MC

BoraSol-PC Plus for Mold ProtectionBoraSol-MC™ protects wood from Mold, Mildew, and Algae indefinitely!  
Application of the BoraSol-MC™ solution can be done by spraying or brushing the Order Mold Control Product Now working solution onto most household surfaces, such as:

 most wood products

See Frequently Asked Questions about BoraSol-MC™

This process is ideal for either the Do-It-Yourself homeowner who wants to protect their property, or for the professional remediator of mold.

Industrial strength BoraSol MC™ is easy to apply and contains no bleach.  Only one application is required.

   Conforms to all EPA regulations.
 Acknowledged by the American Wood Preservation Association Standards.
 Has along 50 year history of usage in the U.S.
 Works well with BoraSol-WP™.  Is totally water soluble and dries on the surface to provide protection from mold spores.
 Can be applied with a common garden sprayer.
 Is very economical.  It costs as little as 3-8 cents/sq. ft. for one application.
 Controls a wide variety of molds, mildews, and algae in both indoor and outdoor locations.




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